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Half round guttering


GU/289     Half round guttering kit ready to paint, comprises 3 @ 111/2” gutter, 3 @ 97/8” drain pipes, 7 brackets, 4 double ended pipe joints, 1 gutter T piece, 2 end caps, 1 end plate, 1 spout, 1 grating, 1 bend, easy to follow instructions


GU/116     Gutter corner


GU/108     Double ended pipe joint
70 pence


GU/109     Gutter bracket
57 pence


GU/119     Gutter bend
95 Pence


GU/113     Spout
75 pence


GU/117     Gutter T piece
£1.30 each


GU/122     Gutter end cap
50 pence


GU/123     Gutter end plate
35 pence


No picture, same as shown in GU/289

GU/GR      Length of guttering 111/2”


No picture, same as shown in GU/289

GU/DP      Drain pipe 97/8”


GU/106     Hopper for use with our half round guttering can be painted like the kit form


GU/111     Drain grating
85 pence


OGEE guttering


GU/329     OGEE guttering kit, Victorian onwards  kit comprises of 4 @ 8”guttering 3 @ 97/8” drain pipe, 1 gutter T piece, 1 bend, 5 double ended pipe joints, 2 end plates, 1 spout, 1 grating, with instructions


GU/268     OGEE guttering 8” lengths
£1.85 each


GU/305     Gutter T piece


GU/120     Gutter end plate
40p each


Old lead style
All old lead style gutter parts require painting in lead grey colour prior to fitting


GU/222     Old lead style drainpipe and fittings kit, suitable for pre Victorian housing. Kit consists of 2 @ 113/4” drainpipe, 4 saddle clips, 1 hopper, 1 spout, 1 grating, and instructions

Stone cladding not included


No picture, same as shown in GU/222

GU/GOS    Drainpipe, 113/4"L.


GU/115     Saddle clips
£1.05 each


GU/306     Hopper
£5.41 each


GU/308     Spout
£1.26 each


No picture, similar to GU/211.

GU/GR     Grating
95p each


No picture, similar to GU/211.

GU/LGR   Large grating for paved area or courtyard 1” x 1”
£1.20 each